Welcome to SWE Tucson

Join us to continue your journey of personal and professional growth and build a network with other passionate and talented women in STEM. SWE Tucson strives to advocate and provide resources for women in engineering and technology in the Tucson Area.

Achieve your full potential and help us reach ours.

SWE Tucson Collegiate Scholarship

The SWE Tucson section is proud to offer an annual collegiate scholarship for undergraduate students in the Tucson area. The scholarship cycle typically opens in the spring and is paid to the student’s account for the following fall semester. The scholarship is a $1000 award paid directly to the recipient’s tuition account. Check the Collegiate Scholarship Page below to see if you are eligible and submit your application. 

Collegiate Scholarship Page

SWE STEM Re-Entry Task Force

Have you heard about SWE’s STEM Re-Entry Task Force? Local companies are offering opportunities for local candidates to re-launch their careers.

SWE STEM Re-Entry Task Force

SWE Tucson was recognized with the SWE WE Local 2019 Membership Growth Award! The section was recognized as one of 21 sections/affiliates with the highest retention scores.

Section membership grew from 36 paid members in FY18 to 68 paid members in FY19. This is exciting to see new members join the section and we look forward to meeting members at future events.

Congratulations to 2022 WELocal Elite Award Winner V. Prathima Gollapudi!